Secretary PreetPal Singh Saluja Suspended

The executive committee has been apprised of all the complaints filed against the Secretary and other corruption charges against the Secretary which are all of a very serious nature. The same was also placed before the Executive Committee. The members are shocked to read the contents of the said complaints. The allegations are very serious in nature and it clearly appears that the Secretary has illegally issued various documents including certificates issued by the Secretary himself to benefit some athletes. This conduct amounts to acting against the interest of the handball Federation of India particularly giving a bad name to the sport as well as to all the office bearers of the Federation. This conduct also creates an uneven playing field for the other players of the game. This was unequivocally condemned by the committee members unanimously.
In view of the extremely serious allegations against the conduct of the Secretary-General as discussed by the members of the committee the executive committee unanimously resolved to suspend the secretary-general with immediate effect and to strip him of all his powers as Secretary General with immediate effect. It was further resolved that the matter be put before the General Council of the Handball Federation of India for removal of the secretary-general from the executive committee of the Federation to prevent further damage to the sport of handball, the players, and the Federation itself by the illegal actions of the secretary-general. The President is authorized and requested to inform the Secretary-General of his suspension and to direct him to not act in the capacity of the Secretary-General of the Federation in any manner, whatsoever.

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